Trains are the easiest mode of traveling nowadays. The first steam-powered train was introduced in 1804. Since then, it serves mankind worldwide today. With the development of science and technology, train journeys have also become more relaxing, quicker and cheaper over the period. More than 140 countries are using trains as a mode of transportation today. A vast network of 1,370,782 km of rail lines has been spread worldwide. However, instead of being just a medium to transport people and goods, the train has also opened another dimension as an ultimate and luxurious travel experience. There are many trains worldwide which offer world-class facilities inside as well as mesmerizing views outside to its travelers. Following are some of the Most Luxurious Rail Routs of 2021 one must travel at least once in a lifetime.

Orient Express: London to Venice

2021 Luxurious Rail Routs You Must Travel

Orient Express is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. No trains can stimulate adventure and romance like this train. The Orient Express was introduced to the world in 1982. From then, it still serves its passengers with the charming beauty of Europe. The Belmond, the operating company has preserved its art deco so precisely that it still looks so glamourous through the decades. The inside view of coaches recalls the passengers an old classic era. The train rolls by some of the most delightful sceneries of legendary cities like London, Verona, Innsbruck, and Venice. It cost around $3500 per person to take advantage of the beautiful travel experience in a lifetime.

Golden Eagle: Moscow to Vladivostok

2021 Luxurious Rail Routs You Must Travel

It is said that if you haven’t experienced train travels if you haven’t traveled in the Golden Eagle, the Trans-Siberian Express. Golden express is that level train that amazed its fans with its domineer paths that traverse from Moscow to Vladivostok through eight time zones which is one of the most luxurious rail routs of 2021. The Golden Eagle express passes across Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, & Uzbekistan. The overall traveling of the two weeks with a daily stop on tourism places feels like traveling on a cruise than a train ride. Golden eagle is the luxury class version of Trans-Siberian Express. The coaches are available with all amenities like suits with bathrooms, laundry services, a resident pianist, medical services, and many more. Moreover, extra service is also provided to passengers like five-star accommodations in Vladivostok and Moscow to acclimatize them. The cost of a silver class facility is $16,000 approx.

Blue Train: Pretoria to Cap town

2021 Luxurious Rail Routs You Must Travel

Coming to the 3rd top-notch luxurious train., Blue train is knowns as a synonym of luxury since 1946. The train is sufficient enough to experience the beauty of the African sub-continent that is one of the famous and luxurious Rail Routs in 2021. The blue train started its journey from Pretoria and ended in Cap town. This journey of 27 hours and 1600 kilometers gives a spectacular experience of the diamond mines of Kimberley on the way south and at the eccentrically colonial outpost of Matjiesfontein on the way north to its guests. Moreover, A personal and attentive service, comfortable accommodation, a dedicated butler, excellent fine-dining, exquisite wines, and many more opulent services are available for the guests during the travel. The cost to experience traveling on this train is around $1,000.

The Ghan: Darwin to Adelaide

2021 Luxurious Rail Routs You Must Travel

The Ghan is a luxurious tour of 3 nights from Darwin to Adelaide. The main attraction of this 2,979-kilometer journey is an endless uniformity of red earthen antipodean bush. Out of all service slabs available in this journey, there is a platinum service, which offers an extra cabin, breakfast in bed, and five-course meals. Moreover, it delivers access to an exclusive dining carriage. Australia’s exotic local fare, grilled kangaroo fillet, and Barramundi fish are the delicious courses the guest can enjoy with their loved ones. The center of attraction during this journey is an outbreak sunrise in Marla while going towards the north. On the other hand, a nightcap under the Milky Way in Manguri is also a memorable experience to do while going towards the south. It costs around $2700 to experience this grand journey.

Rovos Rail: Southern Africa to Eastern Africa

We can call Rovos rails a cooler and slower version of the blue train. The Rovos rails travel between the southern region to the eastern region of Africa. The route covers mainly South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Tanzania. The Rovos rails look slower because it never travels with the speed more than 60 kilometers per hour. The speed is kept slow so that the passengers can enjoy the amazing view outside through a window and can capture the picture of beautiful landscapes the train serves its guests with the luxurious and lavish cabin. Moreover, the staff on the train provides a set of goggles to prevent dust and to take advantage of uninterrupted enjoyment of sceneries. Generally, the cost to enjoy on Rovos rail is $1500 per person.

Maharajas’ Express: Delhi to Mumbai

The Maharaja Express is also known as “the Orient Express of the Orient”. This train is designed to rejuvenate the daintiness of the personal carriage of the former Maharajas of India. This train is a complete package to experience the luxurious era of the Maharajas of India. The journey is planned from Delhi to Mumbai by covering heritage cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, and Agra. The coaches give nostalgic feelings to their guests with luxurious suites along with comfortable, exquisite dining and lounge cars. With the large panoramic windows, the guests can enjoy the outside views of historical sculptures and nature scenarios. The valets are available for 24 hours in service to ensure the comfort of all passengers. Just like other luxurious train, this train costs around $3,900 per person.


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