About Us


Smartenup is a multimedia platform designed with the intention of recognizing and sharing the stories, events, and activities of such people around the world; who are trying to save our earth’s climate with their notable technologies, ideas and efforts of every kind.

Smartenup believes in them and promises to write about these ‘Climate Heroes’ by valuing every type of effort and without any discrimination. So that world can recognize, follow and support them. We truly believe that the Imitation & support of these Climate Heroes and their small collective efforts can bring a huge difference globally for sure.

Smartenup is excitedly awaiting to publish your story or the story of people around you doing any such activities to save our climate.

Send us as many stories of climate events and activities with photos, videos, ideas, suggestions, and information via,

Email: write.smartenup@gmail.com

WhatsApp:  +91-98795-30931

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