Angel Falls : World's Highest Waterfall

The waterfalls are one of the most stunning creations of nature. Form Niagara fall to Victoria falls, People always love to visit and want to dissipate themselves in the burbling sound of water drops. Among all of the astonishing waterfalls, one is Angel Falls : World’s Highest Waterfall. Angel Fall is the world’s highest waterfall which is located in Canaima National Park of Venezuela. These extraordinary falls tumble over the edge of Mountain Auyán-tepui. The total height of this world’s highest waterfall is incredibly 3212 ft which is 3 times of Eiffel tower of Paris and 15 times then Niagara Falls.

The portion where the water stream falls is “The Devil’s Canyon”, which is wide approximately 150 meters. In the local Pemon language, it is known as “Kerepakupai Meru” which means “waterfall of the deepest place”. “Kerepacupai Meru” is a side stream of the Churúnriver which is a tributary of the river Carrao. River Carrao is a tributary of the Rio Orinoco. The Rio Orinoco is the world’s fourth-largest river, flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

This world’s highest waterfall was named after the first person who flies over the falls, Jimmie Angel. You may still find the plane in the Aeronautics Museum of Maracay which Jimmie Angel flew to explore the Angel Fall. It is nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1940. Despite its location and difficulty to reach, Angel Falls is one of the major tourist attractions in Venezuela.


Angel Falls : World's Highest Waterfall

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is only accessible by air. There are no overland routes into the park. Before flying out to angel falls, visitor’s proof of vaccinated against yellow fever is compulsory. Rutaca & Avior are 2 airlines that provide flights to and from the airstrip at Canaima camp. During the flight, one may experience the amazing view of dense swathes of deep jungle, ancient mountains, and many snaking rivers. However, even in the modern world human footprints are far away to make a presence in the jungle.

Before reaching Angel Fall, one should arrive at Canaima camp which is situated about 50km from Angel Fall. Apart from Angel falls, there are several waterfalls of lower altitude are around Canaima camp which flows into beautiful lagoons. At Canaima camp, the boats are available to reach Angel fall. Besides this, one can travel through flight too. Though it takes about 5 hrs time to reach on the top of Angel falls, nevertheless, every minute is still worthy.


Angel Falls : World's Highest Waterfall

The best time to visit the World’s Highest Waterfall is from June to November. In warmer season i.e. from December to May, The less raining coverts the waterfalls into small river streams. Consequently, the water evaporates even before it touches the ground, forming a mist.

In the rainy season, the rain frequency is high. So, the waterfalls have the greatest flow and it may further separate into two waterfalls. In this season, a veil of cloud covers the mountain “Auyantepuy”. The dribbling intensity of water is so much that one can feel the mist from 1km. Among the world’s most dazzling natural wonders, Angel Falls is indeed nature’s indelible spectacle.


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