We have heard a lot about the word “Aphrodisiac food“. Here is the list of some foods which are considered as Aphrodisiac food but what are the facts or myths about them.  Whether they truly contain aphrodisiac property or not?

Is it possible that certain food can simulate our sexual desires or is it just psychological phenomena after eating such food? The researchers have found evidence from ancient India, China, and Egypt that there is some food or drink which can give higher libido.

An aphrodisiac can be defined as any drink, drug, or food that helps to increases sexual desire. The origin of the word aphrodisiac belongs to a Greek goddess named Aphrodite she was the Goddess of beauty, & love and sexual desire. Before understanding the effect of aphrodisiac food we have to understand the changes that take place in the body and brain under sexual excitement. Our sex drive (male or female)  mainly depends on hormone levels to be specific the testosterone. Aphrodisiac food has a chemical property which increases the blood flow in the sexual organ or triggers the hormones.

Here is the list of Aphrodisiac Foods:
Maca Root:

This vegetable root has been associated more with the treatment of sexual arousal, fertility. research has proven that Maca root has a positive effect on sex drive improving sexual function in healthy women it also helps the problem of erectile dysfunction.


It has significant effects on athletic performance and infertility this supplement is backed by science. some studies have proved that Tribulus help increase the high level of Desire arousal lubrication and orgasm in women

Pistachio nuts:

People are using statues or not since way back. they are not just nutritious photos also reach in fiber and protein. their helpfulness in decreasing blood pressure, and lower the reducing weight and the lower the risk of heart disease are well known. the specific property of increasing blood cholesterol an improved blood simulation helps in form erection


A well known and considered to be one of the expensive Spice. its chemical property hacks in depression reducing stress. study shows that men and women given Saffron for a week experience improvised erectile function and arousal accordingly.

Here are some foods that are well known; but do not contain aphrodisiac property

Among all food that is believed to be aphrodisiac, but chocolate is a mint. Chocolate has been believed to be an aphrodisiac. but the studies found that chocolate affects more to your sweet tooth then your sweet spot. It is believed that chocolate contains components that are linked with a higher level of serotonin in our brain. but the studies have proven that there is no difference between chocolate consumers and non-consumers regarding sexual functionality. It affects only psychologically.


Honey is a myth. Its hire content of vitamin B believed to simulate testosterone production which helps to trigger arousal, which is not truly true.


They notorious for being an aphrodisiac, because they contain zinc. Zinc has a property reducing testosterone addition to this they also contain amino acid and serotonin which plays role in person’s response to pleasure but researchers found that they are not randomized control trials whether they have any effect on sexual function


Many among us believe that alcohol is a great aphrodisiac because the majority of us found themselves in more relaxing and mood of sexual desire. in actual consumption of alcohol adversely affect sexual functionality and causes arousal dysfunctionality.

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