Every day, we are getting burdened with so many works or tasks. These tasks might be interesting or might be not. But we have to do it due to its importance. In such a case, we have to be multitasker and do more than one task at a time. It quite feels us busy and seems admirable to finish more tasks at the same time. We feel more productive too. But being a multitasker does not equate to being productive. Multitasking damages our mind by keeping us distracted in multiple activities which results to reduce the chances of being a master in any specific task. That’s why the science tells us to Choose Monotasking Over Multitasking.

What is Multitasking and Monotasking?

Any activity we are doing at some instant depends upon the focus of our brain. More the brain is efficient, more will productivity. But sometimes, we have a burden to complete more than one task at a time. Initially, it thrills our minds to do more tasks simultaneously. Also, we can complete all works at the same time. But that doesn’t mean that our brain has a complete focus on it. Technically, when we complete more than one task or activity at the same time.

Be Monotasking Than Multitasking

It releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives pleasure to our mind. This dopamine keeps us motivated to do Multitasking in other works too.But on the other hand, Multi-tasking distracted our brain by pushing it to complete more than one goals. This results in some errors in our activities, and the quality of activity gets spoiled. Instead of that, there is another solution for doing the same activities by completing them one by one. That’s called Monotasking.

The Benefits of Monotasking

Doing one task at a time can make our mind to focus more on it. That helps to complete the task more efficiently. Moreover, it reduced the errors in the task and improve our precision to do the same. Sometimes, the habit of Monotasking consumes less time than doing the same tasks with Multitasking. Though it requires little practice to do to work scheduling and discipline. But also gives an effective result in our daily work life.

Be Monotasking Than Multitasking

Monotasking does not only affects our professional life, but also affect our social life positively. For example, when you are with your friends or your loved ones. Just keep your phone inside your pocket rather than keeping it in your hand. It will definitely help by keeping you out of the distractions from your social media notifications and make your mind to be more aware in your conversations.

How to Choose Monotasking Over Multitasking?

Be Monotasking Than Multitasking

Here are some easy tips which can help us to do Monotasking…

  • Always avoid seeing multiple screens at a time.
  • Don’t check your phone or social media so often. Instead of that, set a particular time slot to watch them.
  • Assign a block of time in everyday life for a big task that takes a longer time to complete.
  • Take a little break after finishing one task, it may help us to focus on the new task effectively.
  • Listen to music to boost your concentration according to your mood.
  • Try to get away with some distractions like unwanted sounds, meaningless talks, etc.


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