Valentie's Day Celebration Around the World

The Valentine Day is up just next weekend just around the corner. A one day where everyone wishes and share their heart feelings to their loved ones. The world will go red & pink and the Internet will be flooded with lots of love messages, photos of new and old couples proposing. However, the celebration very same Valentine Day is varies form around the different part of the world. There are numerous stories and myths behind the origin of the word “Valentine Day”. One of them being, in the third century a Christian saint named Valentine was imprisoned by the Roman emperor, despite this event the kind saint restored his jailer’s blind daughter sight. Whereas the other side of the story is as he wrote the letter to his jailer’s daughter signing as ‘Your Valentine before his execution. Or the most commonly heard story of Christian saint valentine gave his life in helping in the marriage of two lovers, who forbidden by the king.

Anyhow the acts of Saint Valentine had stood as the true symbol of love through the history and the world has been celebrating The Valentine Day in his memory via expressing love. The celebration of the Valentine Day seems to be comman at first with same old school romantic dates, red roses and proposals. Nevertheless, very same day is being celebrated diversely around the world. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that “Love is in the air” for an entire week of the valentine days. So let’s see how the different parts of the world celebrate the festival of love in their own unique ways other than just chocolates and flowers.

Valentine Day Celebration in France 

Valentine Day Celebration in France

France is not just a fashion capital of the world but also have the world most romantic place too. With a reputation together of the foremost romantic destinations within the world. Its little wonder France has the grand celebration of Valentine Day for lovers. Many believed the origin of Valentine Day card roots back into France. The Charles, Duke of Orleans, used love letters for expressing love to his wife when he was imprisoned in London. Whilst he was sending the letters the town named Valentine played a crucial role in forwarding this cards/letter to his one true love. Even in the modern world of digitalization, Valentine Day cards hasn’t lost its traditional significance for expressing love in France and around the world.

 Another traditional Valentine Day event in France was the loterie d’amour, or “drawing for love.” Men and ladies would fill houses that faced each other, then alternate calling bent each other and pairing off. Men who weren’t satisfied with their match could simply leave a lady for an additional, and therefore the women left unmatched gathered afterwards for a bonfire. During the bonfire, women burned pictures of the lads who wronged them and hurled swears and insults at the other sex. The event became so uncontrollable that the French government eventually banned the tradition all at once.

United Kingdom & Wales’s Valentine Day

United Kingdom & Wales's Valentine Day

Surprisingly the UK’s way of celebrating Valentine day was adopted by the half of the world as it was ruling in the Victorian era. A tradition dating back to the Victorian era, where the anonymous valentines are sent to romantic interests. Victorians used to sign their name to the cardboard. It was the UK which originated the tradition of giving roses on Valentine Day to one’s love interests. The flower is a traditional symbol of the Roman goddess of affection & love, The Venus. The UK spend around £1.3 billion money on their Valentines and sending cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts. In 2016 UK’s organised poll for the most romantic words ever said. It was the line form the the Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility, “My heart is, and always are going to be, yours”, was voted the foremost romantic line from literature, film and television by thousands of women.

Unlike the celebration of Valentine Day form the UK; the residents of Wales celebrate St. Dwynwen’s Day on January 25. St. Dwynwen is that the Welsh defender of lovers and men. The locals follow the tradition of gifting women hand-carved wooden spoons. The tradition roots back to the notion of Welsh sailors carving designs into wooden spoons while stumped to bring back to their lover’s reception.

Japan & South Korea on Valentine Day

Japan & South Korea on Valentine Day

Opposite from the world’s conventional ways of expressing love in Japan the female lovers commence the expression of love to their love interest instead of men. Women gifts their partners, homemade chocolate as a sign of distinctive companionship for one another. On the contrary Males do revert the gifts, but not on the same day. As the tradition goes the men return their gifts on March of 14th expressing their love to their partners. Similar to the neighbouring country of Japan, South Korea only women celebrate Valentine Day. On the other hand, South Korea celebrates the 3rd-day form valentine as the Black Day of Pan American Day. O this day (not so romantically) friends’ gatherings take place with food and fest.

The United States & Latin America 

Over 190 million cars are sent on Valentine Day only in the US. Just like another part of the world US residents also celebrate Valentine Day with their friends, family and loved ones. They celebrate this day as a festival of love with fest, food, gifts, flowers and with each other’s compassionate company.

The United States & Latin America Valentie's Day Celebration Around the World

While most of the Latin American countries, recognise the Valentine Day as “Día de Los Enamorados” meaning the “Day of Lovers/ Day of affection and Friendship. Residents perform various “acts of appreciation” for his or her friends. In Brazil, it is celebrated as A “Lovers’ Day”, or  “Boyfriends’/Girlfriends’ Day” on June 12 instead of February 14th, probably because it falls just the day before Saint Anthony’s day. On this day traditionally many single women perform orthodox rituals, called “Simpatias” meaning, so as to seek out an honest husband or boyfriend. Couples exchange gifts, chocolates, cards, and flowers. Another reason why the Valentine day is not being celebrated in on February 14th is because of Brazil’s carnival festival. This Carnival Festival can be celebrated between February to March weekends. This Carnival festival is famous as the well-known tourist destination to visit in February and March. So, if one is singed ad not celebrating Valentine Day this year can surely visit the Carnival for once in a lifetime experience.


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