Does The Covid-19 Vaccine give you complete immunity

Just like any other vaccines, Covid-19 Vaccine will provide the immolation against the Covid-19 virus speeded worldwide. This will be one of the most anticipated vaccines in the history of mankind. The core purpose of any vaccine is to make the human body immune system stronger & resistive against the specific viruses and infections. Antibodies generated by our immune system protect us whilst exposure to the virus. There are several ways for vaccination like orally or injecting directly into the blood. The Covid-19 Vaccine will be provided with the injection method.


Does The Covid-19 Vaccine give you complete immunity

As we have already described in detail on how COVID19 Corona Virus World Pandemic Transmission From Bat To Human. Absence of specific antibody against new viruses our body fails in stopping regeneration of virus cells. Covid-19 Vaccine contains particular antigen which triggers the human immune response system. Instead of existing antigen, this vaccine will produce the blueprint of the antigen. A vaccine is a tiny weakened non-dangerous fragment of the organism and includes part of antigen. It’s sufficient that our body will know how to build that particular antibody. Then if the body encounters with real antigen later as part of real organism it already knows how to defeat it.


Does The Covid-19 Vaccine give you complete immunity

Thousands of vaccines have been made and used to immune human lives. Development of these vaccine passes through specific stages of inspection before it reaches to ourselves. Vaccines are being tested on animals to observe if there is any fatal or no-fatal reaction of the vaccine. And then it is tested on a trial basis in a smaller number of humans to study and observe the effect of the vaccine on the immune system. Further the vaccine is being tested on a large group to observe its efficiency on various age, gender and people with various health conditions. Once all the data related to the testing is gathered, it is then sent to various regularities for approvals. These regularity bodies check the vaccines on various measures of safety, efficiency and quality criteria.

Only after approval from this govt. or international authorities, vaccines are being produced in large quantum. The covid-19 vaccine has also created and now reaching to everyone. Covid-19 vaccination program will be one of the largest vaccinations programs in the world after polio.


Does The Covid-19 Vaccine give you complete immunity

Despite the number of lives had been lost to this dangerous virus, not everyone in the world can be able to get vaccinated. People with severe health conditions like HIV, cancer, people with specific allergies or with the very poor immune system won’t be vaccinated at the same time and same vaccine.

However, once the majority of the world population is vaccinated the chances of virus spread will be less likely. The effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine on pandemic is depended on many factors such as the efficiency of the vaccine, and how fast it reaches to a large number of population. The vaccination program will be in various stages as there will be more than one dose of vaccine. An effective vaccine can surely end the virus chain reaction. However, the further researches are happening even with the current vaccine to improvise its performance. Thus, even after vaccination, we have to be as precautions as we are now.


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