Earth Hour- The Commitment to Our Planet

The concept of “Earth Hour” came into existence in 2007, in Sydney, Australia. This concept consists of shutting down all the electrically operated appliances for an hour. At first, this initiative seems normal as shutting off electricity for an hour can make barely any difference in carbon footprint. However, on a large scale, when an entire town or city, or state stops using electricity for an hour can make an enormous impact on carbon emission.  Australia was the first country who adopted the concept of Earth Hour as the commitment to our planet. Later on, many countries has take an initiative to adopt it.

As of today, more than 7000 cities across 187 countries joined this movement. The World-wide fund for Nature organizes this event every year by end of March. Generally, the time to celebrate this one-hour event is between 8.30 to 9.30 at night.

Earth Hour: Significance

Earth Hour- The Commitment to Our Planet

As we know that the global consumption of fossil fuels has been increasing in the last few decades. Due to this, we are facing global issues such as Climate Change, Global Warming, Global Dimming, Deforestation, Ozone Depletion, etc., which are harmful to our environment. Whilst the world is going through these agitating problems, Earth Hour is turn out to be a significant solution. To promote this great initiative Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Earth Hour community has performed numerous projects under the banner of “Earth Hour” throughout the year. If 7 billion people choose to avoid usage of electricity merely for one hour in the entire year, this can turn out to be a prodigious positive step towards saving our habitation.

Earth Hour: Be a part of the solution

Earth Hour- The Commitment to Our Planet

We are habituated to use the lights and other electronic stuff in our daily life. It has now become a bit tough for us to think about ourselves without electrical appliances for a minute. However, this ideology is changing with more awareness and modern education.

Following are few suggestions which are amazing as well as in support of the earth hour.

  • Have a delightful candlelight dinner with your friends, families, and relatives.
  • Play a quiz or any indoor games with your loved ones. Hide & seek may be the best option.
  • Burn some calories and raise your heart rate by exercising your favorite workout.
  • Just go for a street walk at night and see how your street or city looks without light
  • Go to your nearby open ground and look up at the sky. You will found a mesmerizing constellation of stars that you have never seen.
  • Read your favorite bedtime stories, under the light of a candle.
  • Play or learn to play some musical instruments, sing & dance with your friends and families.

Earth is our only home, and we have to save it at any cost. The responsibility to take care of our home should not be limited to a few people, community, or country. So, let’s ask ourselves, is it too much to let go of our one hour of amusement or luxury for rescuing our home?  Let the world be united on Earth Hour and show our affection and commitment towards our planet and its environment by taking a pledge using electricity prudently.


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