How to Avoid Overthinking Everything

The word “Overthinking” is no more unfamiliar word to modern society. The tendency of Overthinking about everything holds a person into doing something productive. The problem with “overthinking” is that it generates a typical type of mental anxiety, which almost everyone has felt in their life unconsciously. The anxiety could have been raised from the due to the personal, interpersonal or social aspect of life. The phenomena of Overthinking is not limited to any age group or gender or profession. Whilst we overthink, we preoccupied ourselves with a chain of thoughts sublimely with the events and experience from our past life. By overthinking we waste our time in just thinking and avoid any decision making.

In the general aspect of life, everybody is worried about their future and usually retrospect about past & current plans, decisions. And the habit of overthinking develops consequential worry over our performance form past, a current decision made in life. Our brain starts thinking about parallel scenarios and what others will think and react. Eventually, this never-ending loop of unnecessary thinking process starts in our mind. This is why Overthinking everything causes anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression in some cases personality disorder. In order to avoid Overthinking, first we need to understand what triggers Overthinking

Elements That Triggers Overthinking 

Avoid Overthinking

When someone is ruminating, that means he/she is trying to digest his/her experience or decision in his/her mind. The ruminative thoughts are actually exhausting. They can make us more receptive to anxiety and depression. That’s why it is very important to differentiate when to ruminate and when to overlook the decision or situation. For doing that, first, we need to identify, when we are crossing the line towards overthinking.

Here are some common patterns. One can identify him/her self overthinking when,

  • Keep thinking, what one could have said or done differently in past life scenarios.
  • Start thinking about the response of others on one’s statement. One may feel hesitate and find him/her self unable to contribute to conversations.
  • Comparing one self with the people around him/her.
  • Feel possessive and ambition towards goals so much that he/she’ll constantly think & worry about not achieving them instead of doing something.
  • One find yourself with lack of ability to slow down irrational, racing and vague thoughts.
    It is very common for people to be habituated with Overthinking. As people think that they are resolving the problems by rumination of thoughts. On the contrary, they are getting stuck with an unnecessary version of thoughts and results in their mind. The problem with overthinking is that it actually resist constructive thoughts. Which adversely affects the development of a healthier perspective towards life and lead us to emotional distress.

    How Can We Avoid Overthinking Everything 

    At first, it may seem difficult to get rid of any bad habit. Especially when the habit is linking our life and our brain. No matter what situation, over-thinker, always lends its self into an endless chain of thoughts in search for better conclusions. To put it differently, a retrospective or prospective peoples more often find themselves to overthink in search of a better solution to the problems. We all need a better life and better solutions to our problems. However, one thing is clear to ourselves that “Overthinking” isn’t really helping us in any manner.

    This won’t change any situation or make better out of your decisions. There are some alternative solutions by which we can control these negative thinking when arising in mind. The first thing to remember that it takes patience and practice. These small step can help to avoid overthinking & can make a big impact on life.

    Following Steps Will Definitely Help You Getting Rid of “Overthinking”

    Do Meditation & Practice Mindfulness

    Avoid Overthinking

    We have often experienced when we try to live in our present moment, it becomes harder to live that moment without worrying about yesterday’s event or thinking about tomorrow’s schedule. When this happens, start to be aware of the moment right now you are in. Just take a deep breath for 10 seconds and focus where you are and what are you doing right now. The consistence practice will help to reduce overthinking.

    Notice Yourself When You Overthinking

    Keep confessing yourself that these thoughts are no longer productive and beneficial is the first and most important step to stop the concerning thoughts or uncomfortable feelings. Whenever you start replying yourself in your mind or worrying about the perception of another person, just take a pause and identify it isn’t helpful. In the end, this practice will help to stop overthinking.

    Avoid Overthinking

    While Solving Problem; Notice Chain of Thoughts & Distract Yourself

    If you are suffering from any repetitive thoughts or any worries. Just try to pen them on paper. This will help your mind to let those though to go out of it and makes you feels more burdened. Sometimes distracting yourself is a better option to get you out of some negativity. When you overthink, redirect your attention to some other activity which demands your full focus such as puzzles, brainteasers, drawing or any of your hobby. By doing this repetitively will automatically reduce the intensity of overthinking over the period of time. Always seeking for the solution is a better way than to ruminate them. When you get to know about any mistakes done in past, always try to explore to learn from it to avoid this mistake in future. It is better to do this rather than to think about its causes.

    Change Outlook Towards Problems 

    Keep away form Overthinking and Positive Outlook

    It is very natural to think about our decisions before taking them weather it is about changing a job or making a personal relationship or doing any other important activity. Instead just thinking of it, we start to get obsessed with our discussion, it becomes very unhealthy for ourselves. In order to overcome this problem, we should just focus on a specific problem and try to think about how to perceive this problem. To view these problems or challenges as the opportunity to grow is the best way to build constructive thinking. It is a healthy way to avoid overthinking.


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