Education is a primary & pioneering element of everyone’s life. Since the beginning, we have taken so much interest and give so much importance to the education’s quality and system. The major reason for our vast interest in education is because education is the key to the future. It gives us an idea of a future how it will be, what are the best opportunities for us and how we can achieve it, etc. the unpredictability of what we can achieve with education extraordinary and magnetic.

Education gives children a platform and key to explore their capacities for creativity and innovation. All kids are born with exceptional talents, get somehow in the modern world we deliberately or unintentionally dissipate them, ruthlessly.

So far Today’s education system gives importance to literacy but the importance of creativity should be the same. The most common things kids have in common that they will take a chance. If they don’t know they’ll have a go. They are not afraid of being wrong. It doesn’t mean that being wrong is the same thing as being creative or innovative. But the important thing is if you are not prepared to be wrong you come up with anything authentic/creative.

By the time children reach their adulthood most of them have lost the capacity of not being afraid & prepare themselves to be wrong. The reason behind most kids lost their ability to go for what the mind actually telling them (like in childhood) is because today’s education system has established that making mistakes is wrong, it’s the worst thing.

The irony is that today’s education pushing away children from their creative capabilities. The great artist Picasso once said that “All children are born artists, but the problem is to stay being an artist as we grow up”. It’s very sad that with this type of education system, we are killing our creativity rather than enhancing today’s education system has the same hierarchy, no matter from which part of the world details. At the very top mathematics and Science the languages etc, but everywhere on the earth the “Arts” is at the bottom of everything. These arts subjects like dance, drama & music are not taught every day the same as mathematics to students. The question is “Why not?”.  Unfortunately, if we conclude Today’s education in just one sentence then it will be something like, “It is destined to produce university professors only”

Our education system has established the idea of excellence in academic ability. The core reason behind this belief is that today’s education system came into existence to meet industrial needs. In fact, there was no education system universe around the world before the 19th century. This is the reason behind the hierarchy of subjects still exists. That’s why children outgrow listening to things like, don’t do music you are not going to be a musician, don’t do art you are not going to be an artist, etc.

If you think closely the whole education system is designed or process of getting admission to University. And the fruit of this process that many highly talented, creative and a brilliant person believes that they are not, because they are not valued for the things/subject they are actually good at.

Considering the fact the growing population number of people graduating from University, the bitter truth will be degrees won’t be worth anything nearest future. This type of education system won’t serve us in the future.

We must rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children. Every human being is with imagination and creativity we must use this gift wisely, understand our creative capacities, and seeing our children for the hope that they are and prepare them for the future.


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