Phases of The Moon (Lunar) Inception

The universe is the ocean of mysteries and riddles. Humans are still trying to resolve it over time. There are several theories that are yet to be solved either they are related to Big Bang or Aliens and the list of yet to be explored is too long. Among all these unsolved riddles of the Universe, the existence of the moon is one of them. The presence of the Moon (Lunar) is in many mythologies. But in actuality, the existence of the moon is still one of the most unsolved riddles for the scientists and space freaks.

Form the past 2 centuries, many Intellectuals have proposed their theory regarding Phases of Moon (Lunar) Inception along with concerning pieces of evidence on this. But still, no confirmed theory is found till today. Well, they do such an appreciable job. So, let us familiar with some of the well-known theories or Phases of The Moon Inception.

Giant Impact Hypothesis

Phases of The Moon Inception

This is the most reckoned and renowned among all the Phases of The Moon Inception. George Darwin in 1898 has initially described this theory. According to this inception Phase i.e. hypothesis, the Collison of proto-Earth and Mars-sized planetesimal called “Theia” has formed the Moon (Lunar) around 4.5 billion years ago. Theiawas the mother of Selene,  a goddess of the Moon (Lunar) in Greek mythology. When Theia hit the Earth, a fragment of the planet came off and started orbiting. Eventually, they hardened into the Moon / Lunar. In today, the Intellectuals have accepted the Giant Impact theory due to some relatable evidence such as

  • The Similar orientation of earth and Moon (Lunar) orbit.
  • Specimens collected from the Moon (Lunar) which indicates the primitive molten surface.
  • Having a small iron core of the Moon (Lunar).
  • The comparatively lower density of Moon (Lunar) the earth.
  • The identical ratio of the Moon (Lunar) and terrestrial rocks.
  • Evidence of similar collisions in other star systems.

Capture Theory

Phases of The Moon Inception

According to this Phase of Moon (Lunar) Inception was already formed somewhere in space. Later on, it was captured by the Earth’s gravitational field and started revolving Earth. However, the difference in the chemical composition on the moon is only evidence to prove this theory. However, any close encounter of any two bodies may either results in Alternate trajectories or collision. Besides this, there should be a primitive atmosphere on Earth that had slow down the velocity of the moon before it could escape Earth’s orbit. These are the reasons why the capture theory is not adequate to prove the moon’s existence

Fission Theory

This theory states that a long ago, Earth might have been rotating so fast that the part of it extracted into Space. Later on, this part started revolving around the earth and comes into existence as a moon. The scar of the Pacific Ocean is the only supportive evidence of this theory, presented earlier. But the oceanic crust of the Pacific Ocean has formed around 200 million years ago and is much younger than the moon’s birth. Due to this reason, this theory got much dis accreditation.

Phases of The Moon Inception

The Condensation Theory / Co- Accretion Theory 

As per this theory, the creation of the Moon (Lunar) and the Earth was a simultaneous incident from the black hole or nebula. The phenomena eventually gave shape and form to the entire universe. Same as Fission theory, this theory also has a lack of strong queries such as

    • If both were born at the same time then why the moon is orbiting the Earth?
    • Why there is a difference between the density of the moon and the sun?


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