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WhatsApp’s new update concerning their privacy policy is talk of the town, nowadays. It’s not been a while since WhatsApp Pay was introduced to its millions of customers and now ‘Accept WhatsApp New Privacy Policy’ updation by Facebook (who purchased WhatsApp in February 2014) is here. The new policy will make some notable changes in the segment of firstly “WhatsApp’s service and how it processes one’s data”. Secondly “How business can use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats? “And lastly “How WhatsApp is partnered with Facebook to offer integration across the Facebook Company Products”.

While WhatsApp is asking every user to accept the new terms and conditions for continuing the further use of the product specifically after 8th February 2021. These changes bring many serious privacy concerns to WhatsApp users. And thus bring users to very basic questions like, what are these changes? The data shared on WhatsApp platform is going to be private or not? If not then should We Accept WhatsApp New Privacy Policy?


Should We Accept WhatsApp New Privacy Policy?

Till now, WhatsApp has stated that data shared on WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted between the two parties only. No third party can access them. However, following the new policy, this will not be the same for the chats with WhatsApp Business accounts. The data shared with Business accounts will be accessible to third persons associated with that account. WhatsApp has more than 40 million Business account users as on date. In some cases where the business accounts are working with or for a third-party service provider such as Facebook. The new policy also allows them to access user’s data. The policy change further described as there might be a possibility of the third party (associated with business accounts holder) can store; manage or as a matter of fact process for the business. For this reason, many WhatsApp users are not feeling secure to accept the new policy.


Should We Accept WhatsApp New Privacy Policy?

WhatsApp (being one of the Facebook companies) also stated that they work with other Facebook companies as well as other third-party services providers. Agreeing to the new policy user him/her selves (regardless personal or business chat); permitting WhatsApp to share this data to them. Surprisingly the new policy is also stating the collection of device and connection-specific information; when a user installs, access, or use WhatsApp services. The type of information it will be collecting involves operating system information, hardware model, browser information, connection information, IP address, device operations information, mobile network etc.


Should We Accept WhatsApp New Privacy Policy?

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy will affect gravely to users in terms of the privacy of their data. This might surprise you that only country with data consumer protection law have option-out from this situation. The European Region Countries have contravention of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) disallowing WhatsApp to share any data to Facebook. In absence of desired data protection law user for other countries won’t have such an option; if they wish to continue with the product. It’s an irony that even a country like India having one of the largest user bases for such technologies is still facing the absence of Data Protection Law.


With this new policy, WhatsApp has taken away the user’s right to opt-out, if one still wishes to stay on WhatsApp and do not agree with Terms & Conditions of the product. After the new policy up-gradation, WhatsApp won’t be the same old free messenger with end-to-end encryption service as it was once. WhatsApp has approached the standard practice as other software does, either they want to accept their terms & condition of use or to discontinue to use their services. But it doesn’t mean that users have no option left. They can discontinue their WhatsApp account by not agreeing with new Privacy policy and switch to other messaging apps. The new policy has declared on 4th of January, 2021; as a matter of fact, many have shifted from WhatsApp to some other secure messaging app options are available.

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Some of these apps are, Hike, Signal, Wire, Telegram, Line etc. Among these the Signal has gained popularity in such less time. At the end of the day the choice is entirely up to you; whether you choose to accept WhatsApp New Privacy Policy or to shift to other messaging platforms. It must be ‘Your Decision’ when it comes to ‘Your Privacy’.


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