Everyone in the world always has a wish to propose to his/her partner in Paris. And if one will do in front of the Eiffel tower, then his/her partner is lucky. The Eiffel tower is an iconic monument that is popular as a symbol of love in the world. Because it has witnessed of thousands of marriage proposals done every year. It is one of the most beautiful monuments ever built in Paris near champ de Mars. Gustave Eiffel was the designer who has designed and built the remarkable tower as the Entrance to the 1889 world’s fair. That’s why the name “Eiffel tower” is named after him. Today, it is nominated as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.


Eiffel tower is the tallest structure in Paris having a lofty height of 1,063 ft. Whereas, the square base is 410 ft. long on each side. The overall structure consists of 3 levels. Each level has its own attractions. So, Let’s know how these levels make your visit completely worthy.


Symbol of Love: The Eiffel Tower

The first level is for those who want to dive into the history of the Eiffel tower. On this level, there’s an exhibition hall called “The Eiffel tower Epic” where you can find all facts and figures about this iconic tower from the beginning of its construction. In the Cine Eiffel room, there are film snippets on the walls representing the tower’s history constantly. Here you can also sense the vibration, caused by the wind. In the end, you can also enjoy a delicious traditional French meal in a restaurant named “58 Tour Eiffel”.


Symbol of Love: The Eiffel Tower

On the second floor, main viewing gallery is there, built for the visitors. Here, you can borrow telescopes for a closer look and different outlooks of Paris. Apart from these views, you can also feel the extravagance experience of French cuisine in the restaurant named “Le Jules Verne.”


To reach up to the third level i.e. top level, there is a lift that can grab you to the covered portion of the tower. Here, you can experience the ravishing view of Paris through windows. With this, you will find the replica of Gustave Eiffel’s office with his wax statue. In addition to this, if you want to live up and feel the lavish lifestyle of Paris; There’s a Champagne Bar where you can enjoy a glass of champagne overlooking the most romantic city in the world. If you stand very still here, you can feel the movement of the Tower.


Symbol of Love: The Eiffel Tower

The stunning thing that the Eiffel tower is the most-visited paid monument in the Modern world. Over 7 million people had visited this iconic symbol of love: The Eiffel tower every year. Since its beginning, over 300 million peopled had visited this iconic tower. It is the second most visited place ever in France after the Louvre Museum. 


Symbol of Love: The Eiffel Tower

To see the Eiffel tower light show at night is one of the most reliable and calming attractions in Paris. As the night falls, Eiffel Tower sparkles with thousands of lights and illuminate the whole skyline. 20,000 bulbs twinkle and brightened up the tower with their spectacular co-ordination. You can experience this amazing show from the evening to 1 a.m. every night. To get a better view to see the show, you must prefer the riverside view. Indeed, the light shows will become the cherry on the cake.


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