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Whether we are discussing the art, food, fashion, lifestyle, culture or glamour. There are certain corners of the world held strongly of these subject for many decades and still going strong. We are talking about the cities that glitters day and night. Cities that never sleep. Cities which have their charismatic way of attracting peoples through decades. Various captivating features of these cities have made them the international tourist magnet and travelling destination. There several cities which possess their unique identity and culture, that are incomparable to another part of the world. However, we have covered only the star performers as the most glamorous cities in the world. Here we have listed the top six most glamorous cities around the world.However, this doesn’t bring down the significance and their glamour essence of other cities in the world.

Paris, France

Paris The Most Glamorous Cities In The World

Paris capital of France is one of the oldest and largest cities in Europe. More than 13 million people live in this glamorous city. Being developed on the riverbank of the “Seine”, Paris holds the reputation of the world’s most romantic location, too. Flourished with the insightful history of food, art, design, architecture and most importantly the fashion; Paris is also recognised as the ‘City of Lights’ and ‘Fashion Capital of the World’. The city is the humble abode of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands, designers and beauty and cosmetic industries. Paris holds majority site including the river banks of Seine is titled as UNESCO world heritage sites. It also holds the iconic tourist destination in the world because of Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Louver Museum, Arc de Triomphe and the ‘Palace of Versilles’ etc.

Paris also homes of the world’s finest food and beverages. This glamorous city is the host of the most Michelin Star Restaurants and world-class Wine and Champagne brands. Even in the 21st century, Pars manage to preserve Gothic architecture from the 13th century. Undoubtedly, Paris is truly one of the most glamorous cities around the world with its unique and versatility of sense, sight and smell.

Rome, Italy

Rome The Most Glamorous Cities In The World

Beginning of Rome goes back to the 8th century as a village, which later developed on the riverbank of the Tiber as a small town and even reached its peak as the capital of the Roman Empire (one of the largest empires in the history of the world, whose boundaries spared across the continent of Europe, Western Africa, Western Asia and Mediterranean islands. Practically Rome has been a witnessed of the world events for more than 3000 years. This is the rezone Rome is also known as ‘Eternal City’. The modern city of Rome is capital of Italy and home of the world-famous Colosseum, buildings from Roman Empire times, St. Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Sistine Chapel, Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti and the Vatican City.

Aside from Rome’s historical significance and architecture it has gorgeous fountains, famous monuments and great culture & nightlife, too. With its balanced modern and ancient environment of Rome is truly a remarkable city. Visit one of these glamorous cities is truly once in a lifetime experience.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid The Most Glamorous Cities In The World

Madrid, the capital of Spain is also a home for the world-famous football clubs Atletico and Real Madrid. The city is widely famous for its sightseeing, nightlife, love for football and beautiful hotels. Madrid has welcomed different communities’ warmheartedly and has become an artistic heritage today. World-famous tourist destinations of Madrid are the Royal Palace of Madrid, Plaza Mayor, Nacional del Pardo & Reina Sofia Museums, Temple of Debod etc. Madrid is famous for its Royal gardens such as Sabatini, Jardin Botanico, Capricho Park. The city has great cultural programs particularly very famous Flamenco (a folk dance) and La Movida. Madrid also has charismatic nightlife with so many pubs, delicious and authentic Spanish food and dazzling parties.

Prague, Czech Republic


The next on the list is the one and only ‘Prague’ the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Once also the capital of the historic Bohemia. The home of medieval old town & architecture, Prague is also famous for sprawling castle as well as the iconic Charles Bridge. A beautiful city located on the bank of Vltava River parting the city into two sides is the heart of the city. Having roots in brewing, many breweries are located in Prague along with a beer museum, making and serving iconic ‘Czech Beer’. Prague is also home to the Jewish community, which was settled around 1000 years ago. Another marvellous building situated in Prague is ‘Astronomical Clock’ also known as ‘Orloj’; built and installed in 1410 is the oldest clock, which is still in operation. Prague is also a modern city hosting many events related to Fashion, Culture, Dining, and Wine. The city is practically paradise for the solo traveller.

London, United Kingdom


London is the capital of the Britain/ United Kingdom, a country which once ruled half of the world, not more than a century ago. As the British culture left its mark on various communities. Britain itself has not left but adapting many things from these cultures. The City of London is more than just the economical capital of the country. The beautiful city situated on the bank of the River Thames have various art museums, royal buildings (of course the famous Buckingham Place), vast markets, The London Eye, the Big Ben and the British Museum. London pubs have a prominent identity. These historic pubs have long roots of harbouring poets, freedom fighters, even smugglers. London is a truly magnificent city with the harmony of heritage and modern culture with the growing centre of music & fashion industry, education, politics and finance. The city is also the home of luxuries car manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Jaguar making him it the Supercar Capital. With the evolvement of Iconic British brands such as Burberry, Mulberry, and Alexander McQueen London is truly a fits in the definition of the most glamorous cities in the world.

New York, United States

New York

Unlike other New York isn’t the country capital; however, the significance of this city has the attention of the entire world. New York is the home of Wall Street, NASDAQ, some of major finical firms and banks, fashion industries. New York is also known as the Cultural Capital of the USA as this city has so much to contribute to the field of arts, fashion, and food-beverage, architecture industry. Around 120 restaurants hold status as 3 starred Michelin restaurants and five of them are in New York. The glamorous city of New York also holds the title of ‘The City that never sleeps’. There are many famous places and monuments like Brooklyn Bridge, The Central Park, Stature of liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, The Museum of Modern Art are featured in almost country’s movies and television series.


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