Anger: The Truth

In fact, anger has been with us at some of the worst moments of our lives. It’s a natural and expected part of the grief. But it also has been with us at the best moment of our lives, like the special occasion wedding, vacations, etc but in a different shape. Research shows that many people see anger as a problem. So what are the factual Truth behind Anger and does it really has any Benefits? The majority of people believe that it interferes with their life. Anger is the most common reason behind damaging their relationships, ruin the best moment of their life, losing some of the best life opportunities, etc.

Anger The Truth And Benefits

Maybe that’s why we are scared of anger; often here and there we read about controlling our anger/ Anger Management. Is it true that scary? What is the Truth that we don’t know about Anger? Is it really helpful in any way or we just don’t know yet?

Anger: Healthy or Harmful ?

Dr Ryan Martin (Psychologist from University of Wisconsin Green Bay) has found in his studies “Anger is powerful and it can be healthy for our life; it is good that you feel it, it is our need to feel it“. To understand this, but first, we need to know the reasons responsible for getting us angry. A long ago and anger researcher named Dr Jeri Dieffenbacher in 1996 head found that the most common reason behind people getting angry is that they are being provoked; the provocation could be verbal or nonverbal action/habits of people around them. These fall under different categories of situation such as Unpleasant, Unfair, Powerless situations, etc.

Anger The Truth And Benefits

Though these provocations are the most common, yet it doesn’t work in a similar way for all of us. Before getting angry at any situation or people our brain tends to justify weather this situation is good or bad, harmful/ injustice to us or not. Psychologists call this the “Pre-Anger State” of mind. If you found these situations in your favour then you won’t be getting angry, vice versa if your brain recognizes the situations or results of these phenomena against your favour/harmful in any way/ obstacle coming in-between achieving your dreams; that triggers our anger.

Anger: The Science Behind It

The evolution has a major role in developing the Anger. Just like fear; that alerts us against the dangers. Same the anger alert us against injustice or intolerable scenario. Anger is the emotion that communicates with us that enough is enough. The phenomenon of getting angry triggers biological changes in our body such as increased heart rate & breathing, sweating, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and giving you the energy required to respond to the situation.

Anger The Truth And Benefits

Simultaneously our digestive system slows down to conserve energy, blood vessels pump more blood to your muscles and extremities that turn our face into the red. We have received this from our ancestors throughout the evolution. In today’s world, we do not have to take a swing every time we get angry. Unlike our ancestors, we can control emotion and channel that into achieving something more productive. Under the assumption that anger is bad and it is wrong to get angry; we are often told that either we should control it or we should let it go.

Anger: Benefits

Yes, The Truth is that Anger has its own Benefits. A person should take anger as a motivational force. The way for thirst and hunger motivates us to get a glass of water or bite to eat; the anger can motivate our fight against injustice. Where there are many small activities not worth getting angry. On the other hand, there are several issues/ injustice/ situations in the society/world; like sexism, racism, environmental respective activities, bullying, social injustice, etc.

Angery Emotion Good

Which are undoubtedly worth getting angry. The only way stop them is to get angry in a first place and then channel your energy fighting against these scenarios; rather than choosing a violent/destructive way to express your anger, there are several constructive ways to ways like creating art, pictures, music, volunteering for the community, develop a community that helps each other and doesn’t allow such atrocities to happen in society.Instead of considering this as a bad habit. Truth is we should able to see through The Benefits of Anger. Even consider Anger is a gift from nature. Rather than ignoring anger, first, think what are the reasons behind it and so we all can utilize it into something Creative & Constructive.


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