The born of Champagne is merely an accident in France; it was the pressure under the wine bottle which popped the cork of the bottle. Earlier Champagne was made by using method rural bottled the wine after its initial fermentation had been completed. After the 19th-century method championship is being used to make champagne. It was Merret who later documented the process. Coming to the end of the 19th-century world has seen vast demand for Champagne which is still continuously growing with the sales of millions of bottles every year.

It’s the specific region of France called “Champagne” where the true champagne is made. Its region weather and temperature which helps in growing such quality of grapes used I making in fine quality champagne. The wine produced in this region only is truly Champagne.

Even in the modern world where various technology and machines are available, these Champagne makers continued with their traditional manual growing & harvesting method for grapes, perhaps this is the reason behind the extraordinary test of Champagne.

Champagne is a symbol of wealth and luxury, their cost is much higher than other sparkling wines (which they claim to be as good as champagne). So what is it that makes champagne expensive?

Champagne is a generic word for the Sparkling wine, but as we discussed earlier champagne is the true champion only if it’s made in France, in the region “champagne“. This relatively small and highly protected area situated on the north of Paris has produced the entire stock of true champagne. Any other sparkling wine made out of this religion given in the neighboring regions of France cannot be labeled as champagne.

The committee of champagne who wants to protect the European laws of labeling the bottle works with more than 100 lawyers worldwide to protect the authenticity of the brand. There are many winemakers from different countries other than the European region doesn’t obey European labeling law and sell their bottles labeled as champagne, cleaning the same manufacturing process is used to make the Sparkling wine. Despite the similarity in taste and look, only true champagne the history and Prestige.

The production of champagne is originated in the third-century by Romans, since then the champagne has become a drink that served among royals, celebrities and this kept its price high and demanding.

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