World Energy Crisis

World Energy: Resources And Our Lives

The World Population is growing day by day and so does the consumption of energy. This is creating a major problem ahead of us “World Energy Crisis” As a result of this, we are pushing our limited options of resources to satisfy today’s world demand. One of the major resources of energy is fossil fuel we are drawing from the core of the earth.

The roughly estimated amount of crude oil we have extracted since the beginning of the oil drilling then the figure will go beyond 130 billion tons and still counting. Such unrestrained utilization of coil, gas, and oil has triggered the worst-case scenario; the drastic climate change.

World Energy Crisis

Many have understood that with this rate and habit of using fossil fuel will lead the planet’s habitable atmosphere and species towards the path of extinction. This can only be stopped by putting aside our habit of using conventional energy sources. On the one hand, where; many agree with the idea of abandoning conventional energy resources, on the other hand, the quotation of fulfilling the energy demand of the world remains still in front of us.

World Energy: Crisis

World Energy Crisis

Since the last 4-5 decades, several new/unconventional energy resources have come in the spotlight. But the question remains in front of us is that; what will be the challenges in the implementation of this shift from old to new resources? There still billions of people around the world who do not access modern techs and services. Furthermore, the worst thing is several among them are still not getting with basic energy needs. Even with today’s resources, a substantial part of the world is craving sufficient energy. Can these new resources proficient enough to satisfy today’s energy needs?

World Energy: Solution

World Energy Crisis

Answer to all these questions lies in our mentality & approach towards energy consumption. Though these new energy resources like, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal are inexhaustible, less polluting; it may take time to generate advanced technology to gain maximum efficiency from them. Many developing & developed countries have added solar power in their grid for since last few years, now further ahead researchers working on PV cells to make them paint-able to flexible sheets, which later on can help to reduce solar power generation cost. Technological Advance in renewable energy resources can only help us if we overcome some of the major factors. These are Energy Over consumption, Overpopulation, Poor Infrastructure, and distribution systems, etc. which are controllable by us.

Clean Green Power

The amount of energy available through wind and solar is vast yet, currently, there is no such technology that can help us to restore produced energy. But if improvise the grid technology and distribute it in a much larger area and create a so-called super grid. Even today two are still depending on fossil resources more than 85%, which is planned to cut down to 75% by 2050. For many years we have used energy with carelessly. The probable solution to World Energy Crisis is to shift our usage of energy according to its availability. Rather than waiting to match energy production to match our demand.


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