World’s Endangered Bird Species
World’s Endangered Bird Species

There are approximately 18000 species of birds living in the world. However, around 12% of them are in the red list of the world’s endangered bird species due to deforestation, hunting, invasive species, and climate change. Many organizations around the world are trying to conserve them using one or other techniques, and they have got both negative and positive results and still trying their best. Hereby are the details of some birds which draw attention to mankind.


World’s Endangered Bird Species

The kakapo, known as the owl parrot has become a critically endangered bird indigenous to New Zealand. The misery is that only 142 kakapos are alive today. Like many oceanic island-dwelling birds, the kakapo is flightless. The efforts began in New Zealand for their conservation over 125 years ago. The government had named and tagged them and confined them to four small islands of New Zealand. They have made these islands predators free to keep them safe. After the initiation of the Kakapo Recovery Program in 1995, their restoration efforts have been succeeding up to some point but the species is still on the verge of extinction. While you are reading an interesting article of rear bird species, we thought you might also like our other blog World’s Endangered Animals Species” 


World’s Endangered Bird Species

This medium-sized grebe was earlier living in Argentina’s southern regions especially in isolated lakes in some parts of Patagonia. In 2012, “International Union for Conservation of Nature” has put the Hooded Grebe in the list of the world’s critically endangered bird species. American minks are accountable for the extinction of these species. The researches show that these minks had killed the colony of 25 nests along with adults responsible for breading of the same in the year 2010-11. The other reasons for the extinction of this species are heavy ash released due to volcanic eruption, attacks of flying steamer ducks & kelp gulls, excessive grazing by sheep.


World’s Endangered Bird Species

This Californian condor is North America’s largest land vulture. Lead poisoning, poaching & habitat destruction had caused declination in their population graph in the 20th century. After that, The United States government has captured all remaining condors in 1987 under the conservation plan, which was only 27 in numbers. However, they still remain as one of the rarest bird species. The good news is more than 500 condors are living in the wild today.


The great curassow is native to the rain forests of Colombia, Ecuador & Mexico. Due to habitat loss and overhunting, the ICUN has put this species in the red list of the vulnerable species. Though many environmentalists believe that deforestation due to logging activates is responsible for the extinction of this species. As of today, its population is 7000 with a decreasing trend. However, there’s an organization in Mexico called Unidades de Manejo para la Conservación de la Vida Silvestre [Management Units for the Conservation of Wildlife] who are breeding great curassows in captivity.


Due to the loss of woodland habitat & urban development, this species is being on the verge of extinction. The high demand for agricultural and residential development has deprived their 75% of habitat. The Native of this bird is in South East Australia. Nowadays they are found in New South Wales, south-east Queensland & eastern Victoria are becoming the new home for them. Unfortunately, their population is decreasing gradually. The bushfire of Australia at the beginning of 2020 has affected these endangered bird species so miserably. As of today, there are only 350 to 450 Regent Honeyeaters alive today.

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